United Nations adopts resolution presented by Cuba on the colonial case of Puerto Rico

NEW YORK, 19 June 2017. The UN Special Committee on Decolonization adopted today another resolution, by consensus, on the Question of Puerto Rico, which already adds up to 35 in the last 17 years.

The Resolution, presented by Cuba and cosponsored by Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Russia and Syria, is a proof of the historical commitment with the brother people of Puerto Rico and its patriots.

Among its main elements, the Resolution adopted reaffirms the inalienable right of the people of Puerto Rico to free self-determination and independence and requests the UN General Assembly to broadly examine the Question of Puerto Rico, in all its aspects, and to decide to keep this question under permanent consideration.

The debate was addressed by Venezuela on behalf of NAM, El Salvador on behalf of CELAC and representatives of Bolivia, Syria, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

There was a numerous presence of 60 petitioners from Puerto Rico, whose contributions are of importance for the work of the Committee. The statements made by the different political and social forces of the Puerto Rican nation converge in the request to put an end to the colonial status of Puerto Rico.

This year’s session, with profound historical nature, witnessed the presence of Oscar López Rivera, a fighter for the independence of his homeland and whose freedom, the Committee on Decolonization demanded so many times in previous sessions.

With the adoption of such Resolution, Cuba reiterates that the Puerto Rican people will unchangingly count with the solidarity of the Cuban people, who will continue to defend the legitimate right of the people of Puerto Rico to its free determination and independence.(Cubaminrex-Misión Permanente de Cuba ante las Naciones Unidas)