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Three weeks after attack on Cuban embassy, US remains unresponsive

Havana, May 21.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reiterated today that the United States continues without responding to his country, three weeks after the attack on its Embassy in Washington.

The foreign minister said on his Twitter account that the U.S. government has not made public statements on the matter and has not reported on the role of those who create a climate of violence between the two nations.

During the day, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel also denounced the accomplice silence surrounding the attack on the island's diplomatic headquarters, 20 days after the events occurred.

On the same digital platform, the president shared a journalistic work on the matter, and stressed that such attitude of the U.S. administration proves the falseness of the speech and imperial rhetoric.

Last week, the leader of the Caribbean country's diplomacy publicly summoned the US government to say which are its motivations for not making any statement on the aggression against the Cuban representation.

Rodriguez said that despite the signs of the possibility of an event of this nature, nothing was done to prevent it, so he called for further investigation and transparency with the information.

He stated, in a direct manner, that the aggression against the Cuban mission, of a terrorist nature, is the result of an official policy of instigation to hatred and violence against his country.

We hope that the United States Government will at least try to match its anti-terrorist rhetoric and its policy of fighting international terrorism with its responsibilities in the face of this attack, the Foreign Minister stressed.

The Trump administration, however, remains silent about the attack and included Cuba in its list of countries that do not cooperate in the fight against terrorism.