Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba

On June 16, 2017, US President Donald Trump delivered a speech full of hostile anti-Cuban rhetoric reminiscent of the times of open confrontation with our country in a Miami theater. He announced his government’s Cuba policy, which rolls back the progress achieved over the last two years since December 17, 2014, when Presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama announced the decision to re-establish diplomatic relations and engage in a process towards the normalization of bilateral relations.

Ministry of Foreign Relations Statement

Simón Bolívar Hall which, in an affront to the Liberator, is occupied by the decadent and shameful Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), this March 28, was witness to the battle of his descendents -children of the Bolivarian Hugo Chávez - in defense of Venezuela and Our America's sovereignty, independence, self-determination, and dignity.

Anti-Cuban provocation fails

Over the last few weeks, international media have reported the intention of OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro Lemes to travel to Havana, in order to receive a "prize" invented by an illegal grouplet, which operates in concert with the ultra-right wing Foundation for Pan American Democracy, created in the days of the 7th Summit of the Americas in Panama, to channel efforts and resources in opposition to legitimate, independent governments in Our America.

Statement by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Cuba


The sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela waged a hard and victorious diplomatic battle at the Special Meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, held on Wednesday June first, against the interventionist plan of the imperialism and oligarchies.

Declaration by the Revolutionary Government

The revolutionary government of the Republic of Cuba has repeatedly condemned the parliamentary/judicial coup d'état in Brazil, disguised as legal, which has been in the making for months. Today saw a fundamental step towards realization of the aims of the coup plotters: a majority of the Brazilian senators have decided to continue the political trial proceedings against Brazil's legitimately-elected president, Dilma Rousseff, and thereby "temporarily" remove her from office for up to 180 days, during which time the senate must determine, by a two-thirds majority of its members, her definitive dismissal.

Cuban Foreign Ministry condemns parliamentary coup in Brazil

Sectors of the right wing representing the oligarchy, in alliance with the reactionary press in Brazil, openly supported by the corporate media and imperialism, have consummated in the country’s House of Deputies the first step in what constitutes a parliamentary coup d’etat against the legitimate government of the Workers’ Party (PT) and President Dilma Rousseff, which has been in the works for several months.

Statement by the Foreign Affairs Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects the attack against Constitution and democracy in Brazil, which has targeted former President Luiz Inacio Lula da  Silva, historical leader of the Workers’ Party, as well as the government led by President Dilma Rousseff for unjustifiable and disproportionate judicial and parliamentary actions.

Statement from the Revolutionary Government of Cuba on situation in Ecuador

Given recent destabilization efforts undertaken by sectors of the Ecuadoran oligarchy, the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba expresses its firm, unconditional solidarity and support to the sister people of Ecuador, to the government of the Citizens’ Revolution, and its leader, compañero Rafael Correa Delgado

Statement by deputy director for Multilateral Affairs, Pedro Luis Pedroso, on the dialogue on human rights with the United States

As it is known, on July 2014, Cuba proposed to the United States to hold a bilateral dialogue on human rights. This proposal was reiterated last January, 2015, and accepted by United States authorities.

Cuba has proposed to celebrate these conversations next March 31, in Washington DC.

Cuba expects this dialogue be developed in a constructive scenario, based on reciprocity, with no conditions and discrimination and with full respect to the sovereign equality, independence and non-interference in the countries’ internal affairs.

Statement from the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba has learnt of the arbitrary and aggressive Executive Order issued by the President of the United States against the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which declares the country a threat to its national security, in reprisal for the measures adopted by Venezuela in defense of its sovereignty against the interventionist actions of the U.S. Congress and governmental authorities.


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