Cuba, Barbados to Strengthen Relations

BARBADOS, June 12 , 2018.- Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rogelio Sierra concluded his working visit to Barbados, of which he is very optimistic about the future of diplomatic relations between both countries.

'Cuba and Barbados have a lot to contribute to the unity of the Caribbean and Latin America; it is a very important relationship. That is why we can affirm that the future between our two nations is very promising,' Sierra told local newspaper Barbados Advocate.

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra Díaz begins visit to Guyana

GUYANA, June 12, 2018.- Deputy  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Rogelio Sierra Díaz, begins today a work visit to Guyana as part of a tour which started last June 5th and has included several Caribbean countries. The Cuban diplomat is accompanied by the Director for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Luis Mayo Fernández.

The United States accepts that they do not know the explanation, nature or cause of the health problems reported by its diplomats

On May 29, 2018, the Embassy of the United States in Havana informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba that, on May 27, an official of that Embassy had reported health symptoms as a result of “undefined sounds” in her place of residence.

Immediately, the Cuban Government gave top priority to the matter and officially requested the Diplomatic Mission of the United States that specialized medical doctors and investigators respectively, could interview said official.

Declaration by the Revolutionary Government: Cuba condemns new Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba expresses its most energetic condemnation of the criminal repression by the Israeli army against the defenceless Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of at least 52 persons and leaving over 2400 wounded. This occurrence constitutes yet another serious and flagrant violation of the UN Charter and International Humanitarian Law and it is a new violation against the Palestinian people.

Cuba condemns U.S. withdrawal from nuclear agreement with Iran

CUBA, May 10, 2018.- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba expresses its strong condemnation of the decision made by the United States government to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or Iran nuclear agreement, and re-impose sanctions on this country. Failure to abide by these international commitments undermines the norms of coexistence among states and can have serious consequences for stability and security in the Middle East.

Statement by the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba expresses its strongest condemnation of the new attack by the United States and some of its allies against military and civilian facilities in the Syrian Arab Republic on the evening of this April 13th, under the pretext of the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians by the Syrian Government.

Anti-Cuban provocation plot foiled on eve of elections

An attempt has been made to orchestrate a new act of anti-Cuban provocation from abroad, through the awarding of a “prize” with the aim of interfering in the internal affairs of Cuba, generating instability, affecting the country’s image and Cuba’s diplomatic relations with other States.

Unilateral decision by the government of the United States is politically motivated

HAVANA, March 5, 2018.- The decision by the United States Government, which unilaterally maintains the drawdown of its staff at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba indefinitely, is politically motivated and has no relation whatsoever with the safety and security of its officials in Havana, said the General Director for U.S. Affairs of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández de Cossío in his statement to the press.

Cuba rejects interference and exclusion of Venezuela from Summit of the Americas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba energetically rejects the announcement by a group of nations in the hemisphere, released February 13 in Lima, that constitutes unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic de Venezuela, and at the same time categorically rejects the decision to reconsider the participation of the Venezuelan government in the 8th Summit of the Americas, to be held this coming month of April, in Peru.

Cuba rejects a return to the Monroe Doctrine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba has warned of the seriousness of the message of arrogance and contempt with which the Secretary of State of the United States began a tour of several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean


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