Minister of Foreing Affairs

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Date and place of birth:  22 January 1958, Mexico D.F.

He graduated as Bachelor of Law and worked as a Professor of International Public Law at the University of Havana.

Languages: English


President of the Federation of High School Students (FEEM, by its Spanish initials) and member of the National Secretariat of the Federation of University Students (FEU, by its Spanish initials).

1986: Elected to the post of Secretary of International Relations of the National Bureau of the Young Communist League. 

1991: Appointed as Director of the “Juventud Rebelde” Newspaper. 

He served as an officer of the Revolutionary Armed Forces in the internationalist mission in the Republic of Angola.

1990: Member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.

1992: Official responsible for cultural policy matters at the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.  

December 1993: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations Organization

February 1995-December 2003: Permanent Representative to the UN.

December 2003-October 2004: Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of Latin America and the Caribbean and information and communication.

October 2004: Appointed as First Deputy Foreign Minister.

He was the Chief of the humanitarian medical missions in Haiti in 2004 and Pakistan from 2005 to 2006.

2 March 2009: Appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba.

11 December 2002: Elected as member of the Politburo during the V Plenary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.

December 2004: Elected as Member of Parliament

April 2018: Elected as member of the Council of State until present. 

He has received several national and foreign distinctions.

He is married and has a son.

Telephone number:  7 8364173 / 7 8383272













Full Name:  Bárbara Elena Montalvo Álvarez

Date of birth:  22 August 1949.

She graduated as Bachelor of Journalism from the School of Letters and Arts of the University of Havana.

Further education:  Postgraduate course on International Law and Financial Statement Analysis, Raúl Roa García Higher Institute of International Relations.

Languages:     English.


1971-1973:      Head of the Personnel and Cadres Department, Metallurgical Enterprise of the Ministry of the Iron, Steel and Metalworking Industry.

1973-1974:      Official at the Asia and Oceania Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1974-1977:      Attaché, Head of the Information Office, Embassy of Cuba in Japan.

1977-1978:      Official at the Asia and Oceania Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1979-1994:      International Policy Analyst, Vicepresident of the International Relations Section, Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers.

1994-2000:      Lead Specialist, Deputy Foreign Minister’s Office for Europe.

2000-2004:      Counsellor, Embassy of Cuba in Spain.

2004-2006:      Official at the Europe Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2007-2009:      Ambassador in the Czech Republic.

2010-2012:      Official at the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Cabinet.

2012-present:  Ambassador. Chief of the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Secretariat. 

She has been a member of several official delegations participating in bilateral visits, international events and meetings.

She is single.

Telephone number: 7 8364173 / 7 8383272


Maité Álvarez Marrero
Telephone number: 7836 4173 / 78383272


Raisel Calvo Margolles
Noslen Ocaña Rodríguez
Roberto Victorio Fernández

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