Harmful effects of the blockade against Cuba are denounced in The Bahamas

THE BAHAMAS, 18 September 2018.- Just a few weeks before the vote on the Cuban resolution against the blockade in the UN General Assembly, the Ambassador of Cuba to The Bahamas, Ismara Vargas Walter, exchanged with the Bahamian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Honorable Darren Allan Henfield, on the effects of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba.

During a meeting at the headquarters of the Bahamian Foreign Ministry, the Ambassador reiterated the gratitude of the Cuban people and government for the traditional support of The Bahamas to the resolution presented since 1992 by the largest island of the Antilles.

For his part, the Bahamian minister expressed solidarity for the effects that the blockade has caused the Cuban people. (Cubaminrex-Embacuba Bahamas)