Division Of Multilateral Affairs And International Law

Director General


Name : Rodolfo Eliseo Benítez Verson

Date of birth : 3 november 1968

Graduated from: 

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Phone Number: 7 832 1871 and 7 836 4240


Deputy Director General


Name:  María del Carmen Herrera Caseiro.

Post: Deputy Director General of Multilateral Affairs and International Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

She graduated as Bachelor of International Political Relations from the Raúl Roa García Higher Institute of International Relations in 1989.

Further education:  Postgraduate courses in the Higher Institute of International Relations.  Diploma in Public Administration, Higher School for Government and State Cadres (2018).  Upgrading Courses on International Law, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNO-UNITAR), The Hague, The Netherlands. Course on International Public Law, The Hague Academy of International Law, The Netherlands. Course on “The New Mechanisms for Dispute Settlement”, International Public Administration Institute (IIAP, by its French initials), Paris, France (2001).  Course on International Humanitarian Law, Center of Studies on International Humanitarian Law, Havana (1999). Course on Lasting Solutions, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Havana (1997).

Languages:  English and French


1989-1990:      Internationalist mission in the People’s Republic of Angola.

1992:               Official, Department of International Relations, National People’s Power Assembly (ANPP, by its Spanish initials).

1991-1995:      Specialist, Subsaharan Africa Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX, by its Spanish initials).

1995-1996:      Second Secretary and Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria.

1997-2002:      Specialist, Division of Multilateral Affairs, MINREX.

2003-2007:      Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations Office at Geneva and the international organizations based in Switzerland. 

2008-2011:      Deputy Director of Socio-Humanitarian Affairs and Human Rights, Division of Multilateral Affairs, MINREX.

2011-2015:      Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Cook Islands.

2016-2017:      Head of the Department of Economic, Financial and Environmental Affairs, General Division of Multilateral Affairs and International Law, MINREX.

2017-present:  Deputy Director General, General Division of Multilateral Affairs and International Law, MINREX. 

She has represented Cuba in a great number of international events, meetings and conferences, ministerial meetings, summits of the UN, regional processes, and consultative groups for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Non-Aligned Movement, and the Pacific Islands Forum, among others.

She has received several Cuban medals and distinctions.

She is married.

Phone Number: 7 8321871 y 7 8364240
Email: marychc@minrex.gob.cu
Twitter’s account:@MaryCHerreraC


Giselle Almenares Vargas
Phone Number: 78364240

Division Of Multilateral Political Affairs



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Tel.: 7 8364446 & 7 8324424


Division of International Organizations


Ana Silvia

Full Name:  Ana Silvia Rodríguez Abascal

Date of birth:  6 may 2021

Further education:  



Phone Number: 7 836 4144
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Division Of International Law


Eva Yelina

Nombre y apellidosEva Yelina Silva Walker

Fecha de nacimiento: 24/06/1971

Full NameEva Yelina Silva Walker

Date of birth: 24 june 1971

She graduated as 

Further education: 


Phone Number: 7 8364163


Rafael Pino Bequer,

Phone Number: 78364166
Email: rpinobminrex.gob.cu