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Name: Rogelio Sierra Díaz

Date of birth: 28 October 1964

He graduated as Bachelor of International Political Relations from the Raúl Roa García Higher Institute of International Relations.

Further education: Diploma from the Third Course on International Policy, Matías Romero Institute of Diplomatic Studies (IMRED, by its Spanish initials), Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Mexico D.F. (1993); Diploma in Public Administration from the Higher School for Government and State Cadres of the Republic of Cuba (2012).

Languages: English and French


1988-1992:  Diplomatic Attaché at the Latin America and Caribbean Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX, by its Spanish initials).

1992-1995:  Third and Second Secretary of the Embassy of Cuba in Mexico.

1995-1996:  Second Secretary of the Division of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad, MINREX.

1996-1998:  First Secretary and Official at the Europe Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1998-1999:  Deputy Director of the Outreach and Information Division, MINREX.

1999-2002:  Director and Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

2003:            Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Peru.

2006-2009:   Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

July 2009-present:  Ambassador. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba.

He has been a member of several official delegations participating in bilateral visits, international events and meetings.


Phone Number: 5378364282

Twitter’s account: : @RogelioSierraD



Cabinet Specialists :

Carlos Portela Ochoa     
Phone Number: 
7 836 4283 

Yusmari Díaz Pérez
Phone Number : 7 836 4285