Cuban doctors perform outstanding work in Barbados 

Henderson Pinder, chief of nursing services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, highlighted the professionalism, dedication and work of the Cuban doctors who are helping that nation to fight COVID-19.

In statements to the local newspaper "Barbados Today" in the capital city of Bridgetown, Pinder said that the group of Cuban intensivists is already adapted and proves to be a great asset to the understaffed care system in Barbados' main medical facility.

He told reporters: "Our country's nurses serve at the newly opened Harrison Point Isolation Centre and the Clinical Decision Unit working 12-hour shifts."  In Henderson Pinder's view, nurses have adopted a team approach to patient care, seeking to ensure that the needs of citizens are met.

The Cuban Internationalist Henry Reeve Brigade, made up of 95 women and six men, arrived in Barbados on April 5th and, after completing the preventive 14-day quarantine period, is participating in the national response to the threat of the new coronavirus, SAR-CoV-2.

So far, Barbados has maintained the number of positive cases of SAR-CoV-19 at 90, with seven deaths and 68 patients recovered.




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